Club Penguin Universe: New Authors!

Hey Guys. I haven’t been posting because I’ve had a lot to figure out in the armies I’m in. But we’ll be able to start posting here a lot more, with the new authors 😉

Ok, the 3 author winners are…

  1. Bearsboy10(***CONFIRMED***)
  2. Hiro 2(***CONFIRMED***)
  3. Cheezepleeze(*** hi :)***)

Those are the winners. Sorry if you didn’t win, theres always next time.

Check back for the new cheats soon!

~Sklooperis, Club Penguin Universe Creator~


3 Responses

  1. YAY!

  2. Awesome, Check out my post ^.^

  3. hey skloop, can I also be a “new” author(nme)?

    rofl good, job for winning you guys and sorry to the people who didn’t win!

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