Ok hi everybody. I’m cheezepleeze and I am a new author to this site. I am really glad to be here and thanks skloop, you rock. So heres whats going on. Yup… The new puffle games!!! You can go jumping around on ice to find blue puffles, or , if you’re a member, go jumping around in caves trying to find pink puffles, or go swimming in the ocean for black puffles (and another animal, I’ll tell ya later).

You might have also heard that the penguin play awards is going on! The categories are: Best play (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle), Best Costume (Squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma gal ),  Best music (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ), Best effects (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ), Best set (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ). Jeez! Quest for the golden puffle just freaking took every other play and took a dump all over ’em! (Too much?)

Anyways, the new pin is at the sport shop, and its a…cupcake? Out of all the stuff going on they choose a cupcake? Oh well. You can’t get too mad, even though its random, its a cupcake, and cupcakes are awesome. Well as I said, I am going to talk about the secret animal! Its found in the black puffles underwater mission for puffle rescue. It’s big, its blue, its the key to the underwater room in the cave, its a squid!!!

After seeing a shady creature swimming under me, I decided to follow it (I also saw the note on the door that said something about following an animal). So then I finished the level, and ended up in the underwater zone (see picture below). Thanks everybody, I’m cheezepleeze, and thats whats going on in CP.


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