The Cart Surfer Guide


Cart Surfer is the only game that can sometimes make coins as fast as Puffle Round-Up. The CPR in this game can be up to 500 if you are very good at it. I myself have made over 500 coins in one round multiple times. If you want to play Cart Surfer, go to the Underground Mine, and go here:

Where to Go, CS

In Cart Surfer, there are many different tricks you can do. Doing a trick is as simple as pressing 2 buttons in a row. It is never more than 2 buttons. The buttons you use are the Arrow Keys and the Space Bar. However, certain tricks are worth more points, and it is obviously the better choice to perform these tricks. Below is a list of the tricks you can do and how much each trick is worth:

Cart Surfer Tricks

With Cart Grind, Normal Turn, and Surf Turn, I said you can use left or right. This may seem strange, but it is true. With the normal turn, if you press left, your penguin will turn left, and same with right. This goes for all tricks you can use either left or right to perform. 

There are THREE big tips in this game.  First off, never do the same trick twice in a row. If you do, the second time you do it it will be worth only half as many points as it normally would. After it has been cut in half once, it wont keep gong lower, but still, half as much isnt good cereal XD.

Halved Points 

In this picture, the first flip gave me 100 points, and the second gave me 50. Every flip I do from now on until I use a different trick will only give me 50 intead of 100.

Second, out of all of the tricks, two of them are specifically the 2 best tricks in the game that you should use. You want to alternate between them so they are worth the full amount of points each time you do it. If you alternate, you iwll never do the same trick twice in a row, so it will always be worth th full amount of points. The two combinations you should alternate between are Down, Space(The Backflip) and Space, Right OR Space, Left(360’s). Alternate between them for maximum points(flip, spin, flip, spin). The Backflip gives you 100 points, and either 360 will give you 80 points.

Third, you can fall off your cart 3 times, if you fall off a fourth time, it is game over. However, if you are very good at the game and don’t fall easily, then it is actually better for your score if you use up all of your lives except the last one. When you lose a life, you will restart a little bit farther back from where you lost the life, allowing you to have more trick time. Even though you restart further back, you will have the same amout of points as when you died! Remember, every extra second for trick time helps!

For a few added tips, you want to go as fast as possible, but don’t be in a rush if you’re on your last life, you never want to lose it all like that.

One last thing, and this is a nice tip, ALWAYS WEAR LIME GREEN!

Lime Green

If you’re wearing Lime Green, it will look like this in the game:

Lime Green In-Game

Wearing Lime Green makes the game run faster and lag less, allowing you to earn more coins as your penguin will react faster!

Thats about it! Hope that Helps!


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  1. wow i didnt kno u should wear lime green im so trying that out

  2. I’m am totally trying that out! Thank you!

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