Famous Penguins

Hello Again! Some of you may have seen some videos on Youtube where penguins where edited to look like other famous penguins from real life. Well, I don’t like to brag, but i’m pretty good at editing using the program Paint. Although it is one of the oldest editing program, it seems to meet my needs better than any other program, and every tool on it is useful. Below are some of the pictures i’ve edited. I will explain what items I used to make the picture, so you can use them if you’d like to make your own. YOU CAN PUT THESE ON YOUR OWN SITE IF YOU SAY THAT YOU GOT IT FROM HERE! Thanks! You can also add comments about which ones you think I should make, and if I like your idea, I will make it, and say who gave me the idea. I organize them into categories for your viewing pleasure 😀                 

9 Responses

  1. This site is so cool! I love these pictures, they are really good!

  2. I love The Sherlock Holmes one! Its awesome

  3. I got a good one! You could do George Washington!!!! Luke55255 came up with this idea

  4. What program is this?

  5. i can send u sum of my pics if u want there quite cool


  6. wow kool picz

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