Billybobs Son!

Hey guys billybob son ahve a website its CHACK IT OUT!


Ok hi everybody. I’m cheezepleeze and I am a new author to this site. I am really glad to be here and thanks skloop, you rock. So heres whats going on. Yup… The new puffle games!!! You can go jumping around on ice to find blue puffles, or , if you’re a member, go jumping around in caves trying to find pink puffles, or go swimming in the ocean for black puffles (and another animal, I’ll tell ya later).

You might have also heard that the penguin play awards is going on! The categories are: Best play (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle), Best Costume (Squidzoid vs shadow guy and gamma gal ),  Best music (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ), Best effects (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ), Best set (went to Quest for the Golden Puffle ). Jeez! Quest for the golden puffle just freaking took every other play and took a dump all over ’em! (Too much?)

Anyways, the new pin is at the sport shop, and its a…cupcake? Out of all the stuff going on they choose a cupcake? Oh well. You can’t get too mad, even though its random, its a cupcake, and cupcakes are awesome. Well as I said, I am going to talk about the secret animal! Its found in the black puffles underwater mission for puffle rescue. It’s big, its blue, its the key to the underwater room in the cave, its a squid!!!

After seeing a shady creature swimming under me, I decided to follow it (I also saw the note on the door that said something about following an animal). So then I finished the level, and ended up in the underwater zone (see picture below). Thanks everybody, I’m cheezepleeze, and thats whats going on in CP.

Club Penguin Universe: New Authors!

Hey Guys. I haven’t been posting because I’ve had a lot to figure out in the armies I’m in. But we’ll be able to start posting here a lot more, with the new authors 😉

Ok, the 3 author winners are…

  1. Bearsboy10(***CONFIRMED***)
  2. Hiro 2(***CONFIRMED***)
  3. Cheezepleeze(*** hi :)***)

Those are the winners. Sorry if you didn’t win, theres always next time.

Check back for the new cheats soon!

~Sklooperis, Club Penguin Universe Creator~

Club Penguin- New Game On The Way

Sup Guys?

Club Penguin released this awesome banner about a new game coming soon, check it out-

Hmmmm… Strange isn’t it? I’m not really sure yet what’s going on, but I can’t wait for the new game!

What do you think?

~Sklooperis, CP Universe~

Club Penguin’s Happy77 On Toys

Greetings Penguins!

A few weeks ago, when the team showed the new orange puffle toy, lots of you wrote how stoked you were. (FYI – I think the orange puffle’s HILAROUS and I’m pretty sure he has a sweet tooth like me.)

Well, the buzz on the island this week is about Rockhopper and there’s been some talk around here about a new Rockhopper stuffed toy! I wanted to know more so I asked someone on the team who helps with toys.


Q: The orange puffle seems pretty loved. But what else is new?
A: The newest toys are some 9″ stuffed toy penguins – there are a few different ones – including Rockhopper!

Q: Where can we get them?
A: They’ll be in Disneyland Resort in California and at Walt Disney World, Florida really soon – and the team’s working hard to get them in more places, too – like in Disney Stores and at the CP Online Shop. Keep checking those places. Also, each one comes with a code to unlock items online. And we’ve updated the Treasure Book!

Q: What should we do if we have toy ideas?
A: Give us all your feedback. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like, and what you’d like to see in the future!

Hey – good luck catching up with Rockhopper while he’s on the island. I hear he needs your help to find Yarr…

Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

That post came from the Club Penguin Blog.

Pretty cool that they’re releasing new, bigger toys. You gonna but any?

~Sklooperis, CP Universe~

Club Penguin Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hey There! Here are the newest cheats-

Click on the Hot Chocolate to get the shiny awesome Blue Top Hat-

Now, click on the less exciting, plain empty paper cup to get the less exciting, plain Top Hat-

Now, turn the page.

Click the red light on top of the camera…

To unlock the crazy Dazzly Blue Suit(To go with your Top Hat ;))

That’s all the new cheats. Pretty cool, don’t you think?

Oh, and they’re making headway in the Underground, theres a hole, and a Puffle comes out of there, one of the strays that wandered in there!

Pretty strange, don’t you think?

~Sklooperis, CP Universe~

Rockhopper Arrives on Club Penguin

  1. Hey Guys! Rockhopper finally docked, check out the cool items he brought!

Woah! The Admiral’s Hat item was really rare, like 3 years ago type rare. It won’t be anymore, though, since they re-released it, so don’t get too excited xD.

Still, cool items, you think so?

~Sklooperis, CP Universe~