Puffles & Care

Hello Everyone! I know thousands of penguins are disappointed every day because they log on to an empty igloo. If you want to know how to take care of puffles, then you’ve come to the right place!

First, always make sure that your puffle has full bars. That way, there is no chance of it running away while you’re logged off. To get the bar full first, give your puffle a bath. It will refill its health and its rest bar completely!  The problem now is that his energy bar isn’t full. What you want to do is while it is taking its bath, you want to feed it. Feeding it will completely refill its energy bar! Now if you look at your puffles player card, it will be smiling, and all of its bars will be full! This is what a lot of people like to call a “Perfect Puffle”. Remember, a perfect puffle is a happy puffle!


Nextly, if your going to have a puffle, you should know what it likes. Look below to see info on all of the puffle colors:


EXTRAS: Every puffle has their little extras. Well, have you ever noticed how when your red puffle takes a bath, it starts surfing? Well, if you happen to be walking your red puffle when you wander over to the surfing game, it will start surfing with you! It will jump around a bit and occaisonaly give you a few extra points. And as an extra bit, they, along with the blue puffle, can be adopted by members!


EXTRAS: Not much is known about this Puffle yet. It started to appear on Club Penguin around February 11th 2010. After being seen consistently by penguins, it has now been confirmed by Club Penguin, and is set to be released to the public on February 25th 2010. Check back for more info once this puffle is released.


EXTRAS: There are a few strange things with this Puffle. First, it is the only Puffle who has buck teeth. Second, it is the only Puffle ever to be released that is native to Club Penguin but didn’t come from the Club Penguin Wilderness, since it came from the Box Dimension. It is also the only Puffle to use a pillow when it sleeps, and it also drools. AND, as of now, it is the only Puffle that isn’t in Puffle Roundup, probably because it doesn’t live in the wilderness of Club Penguin like most of the rest.


EXTRAS: Yellow puffles are another puffle that can play in a game with you. Just take it on a walk with you, and play DJ3k. It will sit on a speaker next to you. They are also very artistic and have a great imagination. When they go to sleep, instead of just making Z’s like other puffles, it dreams that its a superhero! Isn’t that cute?


Extras: Not much for this puffle, except that they are extremely goofy, like the Orange Puffle. It is also the only puffle known to be able to use any type of vehicle to fly around(It’s Propellor Cap).


EXTRAS: This puffle can be adopted by nonmembers, but otherwise, it is average. It was also the first puffle ever seen by penguins.


EXTRAS: There are 2 things about this puffle. First off, it is the only puffle that wont eat Puffle O’s, the food puffles eat, unless it is specially prepared. Salt needs to be put on before it will eat it(it will do this on its own). Second, if you play with it when its extremely happy, it dances! Well, if you happen to be walking your purple puffle when you go to the dancing game at the nightclub, it will dnace with you and get you a few extra points! Cool, huh?


EXTRAS: Have you ever noticed that when you pink puffle bathes, it scuba dives? Well, when you go play Aqua Grabber, if you bring you Pink Puffle with you, it will scuba dive with you, and will blow air bubbles if you need them! Unlike in other games, this puffle wont earn you extra coins, but it may be responsible for keeping you alive 😀


EXTRAS: There isnt much extra here, but it is very cool. If this puffle is very happy (a.k.a, its bars are all full), and you then play with it, it catches on fire! In the newspaper that came out on February 19th 2009, they said some penguins saw a strange “Meteor Puffle”. The picture they showed was a flaming puffle. I think the puffle they showed was a black puffle, but i’m not sure.


EXTRAS:There are 2 things about the white puffle. First, it is the only one that has a power, but not just any power, a super power! It can blow super chilled air to freeze things, or even make ice out of thin air! They are also the smallest puffles yet discovered. Although you cant see a difference when they are in your iggy, the Club Penguin Team said that they are small. But being small isn’t bad! They are also apparently the strongest puffle, despite their size. They are one of my favs as they are so cute!

That’s all the puffles that have been released so far! Pretty coo, eh?



18 Responses

  1. The white one is my fav too,but ive got the plush of the purple one too!

  2. ive got club penguin and my name is roxy 668 ive also got another one called sMiLeZz 692. =)

  3. hey i think i’ve met you roxy!

  4. puffles rock

  5. […] showed was a flaming puffle. I think the puffle they showed was a black puffle, but i’m not sure. https://skloooperis.wordpress.com/puffles-care/ Null's Sig: To err is human… To really foul up requires the root […]

  6. i think thats cool

  7. the puffles are pretty.

  8. Oh my gosh, the white puffles are so cute! They’re my favorite! Nice page! :mrgreen:


  10. Black puffle Rocks

  11. I have a blue puffle. It’s name is Happy. I go on this website before I log on cp. Its always happy, as if its living off its name. And if one of the bars are down, I do exacly what this page says. Plus, Blue ones are my fav!

  12. cooolllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. AWWW so cute i love puffles just wish they were real and btw pink and white ones are my favorite but they are just all so cute

  14. now there is a brown puffle only for members only!!!!! get a membership!

  15. wheres the brown puffle?

  16. puffles r gonna have hats soon yay my fave puffle is the purple,black and blue 1s kewl

  17. ps i lke white ones alot to

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