Hello Everyone! As i promised, this will be the page where I will be posting rumors about Club Penguin, and whether they have come true yet or not. Enjoy!

Tipping The Iceburg


One of the greatest rumors to ever have hit CP was the “Tip The Iceburg” rumor. For years, people have thrown iceburg tipping parties, all in the effort to be able to say that they tipped the iceburg. However, I have seen times where I couldn’t get into the iceburg because it was full, yet it hadn’t tipped, and Aunt Arctic also once said that she thinks it is just a rumor. This leads me to believe that this rumor is, at least for now, just a rumor.

Rainbow Puffle


Another one of CP’s great rumors is of the rainbow puffle. There have been videos all over Youtube about ways to get orange, brown, and rainbow puffles. Sadly, however, none of them are true. Club Penguin has not yet released any fabeled puffles, except the “Golden Puffle”(see “Busted Rumors” below). Im sure we will all hear when a new color puffle has been discovered.

Rockhopper Island


Another rumor that has been around for a few years was that you can travel to Rockhopper island. Poeple say you can sit on the Dock, and a bottle will appear asking if you want to go. Also, it has been said that if you sit on Rockhoppers ship when hes going to leave, you will leave with him. None of these rumors, sadly, are true. Rockhoppers Island is only accesible to Rockhopper, Yarr, and the wild red puffles that live there.




One rumor that has been busted is the ninja rumor. For years now, all the way back to an earlier version of CP, there had been rumors about ninjas. On Penguin Chat 3, the version of Club Penguin before Club Penguin, you click on the n in Penguin to be able to be a ninja penguin. On CP’s old homepage, you could click the ‘N’ in the world Nightclub in the background, and the penguin in front would turn black and get a ninja mask. Eventually, in November 2008, HUGE things started happening to prove ninjas existed. First, you could click on the N on the Nightclub sign, and a ninja would appear and start bouncing around for a few seconds, then it would disappear. The same thing would happen the Plaza, except it would happen automatically a few seconds after you entered the room. If you went to the Agent HQ, and waited for a few seconds, on a few of the monitors, black silhouettes of penguins would appear, and then on the screens it would say, “WE DON’T EVEN EXIST!”. Lastly, a newspaper that came out with the headline,”LightNINg Strike: DoJo DAmaged.” if you would click on the letters I have capitalized and in bold, a message would appear talking about fire, lightning, and snow. Well, that message finally made sense when ninja training started on Nov. 17th, 2008. The elements were for cards you would use to earn belts and become a ninja. See Ninja Training tips for more details.

Rockhoppers Room/Key to room


Ever since Rockhopper opened the Ship Hold to the public, there were rumors about getting Rockhoppers key so you could get into his room, The Captains Quarters. These rumors werent true until March 2008. After Rockhoppers ship hit and iceburg and sank, he came to the island on a rowboat. While he was gone, we rebuilt the Migrator by paying Aqua Grabber and collecting the pieces. As his thanks, he gave us the keys to the Captains Quarters. It is now open to the public, and has a game called Treasure Hunt. See Games & Strategies for more details.

“Golden Puffle”


Ok, so it isnt really a Golden puffle, but it is as close as you can get. Ever since puffles were released, different colors styarted coming out, but never anything special. The penguins wanted to be bedazzled by glittery puffles. The wanted rainbow, silver, and gold. Well, in November 2007, these fabeled “golden puffles” started popping up in different rooms. In the next newspaper, they were introduced, but they were yellow, not gold. They were availiable to members on November 30th, 2007. They are very artistic. See Puffles & Care for more.


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  1. Cool page. 😀

  2. thanks 😀

  3. i so already new al tat der

  4. raniblue225, this page wasnt made for you, i know most people already know about all of these, but not everybody knows the details and stuff. this is for people that are new or they don’t know about the details, and please, learn how to spell 😀

  5. hey meet me on the 27th july on sleet my names forest1999 at the iceberg

  6. I love this page it is cool but the tipped iceburg picture? That does not look like an edit. It looks like the was clubpenguin would draw stuff. So I’m not convinced that it isn’t real.

    • I guess that I should take that as a compliment, but it is fake, sorry
      😦 I know because I made it, lol

  7. wow this rox!!! i liked the rh island pic!
    it was my fav… lol

    • my dog so does rock XD the RH pic was the only one I didn’t make XD I will make one of my own later

  8. cool dude cool ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

  9. There’s a golden puffle on CP?

  10. kool stuff again skloop

  11. sweet! ima ninja now 2

  12. cool sklooperis

  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEWARE FO THE ICEBURG TIPPING OR U GET BANNED FOR EVER (maybe) and u willl have to make new penuin account. 😦

  14. Also the “orange puffle” myth is now busted because you can do all the member crud and get it. Also, THERE IS WAY OF TIPPING THE ICEBRG!

  15. Is there really such a thing as a Rainbow puffle? If there is I would love to own one on cp!!!!!!

  16. i love all penguins in cp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. anyone heard of the NINJA O DARK rumor yet?? IT’S VERRRRRY CONVINCING!!

  18. I have 5 golden puffles there easy to get

  19. if there is a gold and rainbow puffle there probably 1250 coins, also this site is the best ever

  20. FAKE!!! You So dont have golden pufflea

  21. another one that isnt busted is where famouse penguins live, ecxept aunt artic.

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