Funny Pics!

Hey Guys! Before this site, way back at the beginning of Sklooperisness, I had made some funny pics! I will post them here. If you have any ideas for new ones, let me know! I may make some more every once in a while, I will see. Here they are:

Cp pic funny

Cp pic funny2



Cp pic funny 4

Cp Pic Funny 5

Cp pic funny 8

Cp pic funny 16

Cp pic funny 18

CP pic funny 20



Cp pic funny 30

Cp pic funny 33

Cp pic funny 34

Cp pic funny 35

Thats all for now!



14 Responses

  1. i like the last one and ALL the santa ones! (mainly the one wherere he’s flying around the iceberg! :-D)

  2. by the way GO SUNTROOPERS!!! 😀 😀 :-D!

  3. Lol I like the one when you get banned for tipping the ice berg and HI POKE

  4. sweet pics lol

  5. I loved these pics dude but please visit my site no one has visited my site so I think its only fair if I visited your site you should visit mine please write back

    Scotsman7123(clubpenguin name)

  6. how did u tip the iceberg?


  8. HERES AN IDEA! make a funny pic involving a mermaid at the new hidden cave areas!!!! THAT’D BE SOOOO FUNNY

  9. dude please go to my website no one has ever gone to mine ever wich makes me very sad so go to mine please please please 😦 ):

  10. LoL I like The batman One.

    ~Charliem21 Leader of th Club Penguin Fire Ghosts

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